Behind the Scenes: A Day in the Life of a Funeral Director

A Funeral Director

There are many things that go on behind the scenes in the life of a Funeral Director to make sure everything is ready to go and runs smoothly on the day of the funeral.

A funeral director will assit friends and families in planning the funeral; this includes deciding on the time, date and location.

Once the funeral director has met with the loved ones of the deceased to find out what type of funeral they wish to have, the funeral director can begin co-ordinating the funeral arrangements. Usually, the funeral director will ask personal questions about the deceased to get to know their character so that they can be remembered in a meaningful manner on the day of the funeral.

Next, it is the responsibility of the funeral director to prepare the paperwork, and venue for the funeral, hire a celebrant or minister and order the coffin. A big part of a funeral director’s role includes dealing with coroners, filing death certificates, submitting death notices to newspapers, editing obituaries, putting together orders of service, organising services like flowers or transport and liaising with churches or crematoriums.

Most importantly, arrangements will be made for the collection and care of the deceased’s body until the day of the funeral.

The main duty of the funeral director is to care for the friends, family and colleagues of the deceased by offering support and a listening ear during this grieving time in the lead-up to the funeral.

Despite the funeral itself being the main focus of a funeral director’s job, a lot goes on beforehand to bring the ceremony together.

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