The Role of Music in Funerals: Choosing the Perfect Melodies

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Funerals are an opportunity to celebrate the life of your loved one. There are no set rules on what should and shouldn’t be done at a funeral, this is entirely up to you as the family or loved one of the deceased. Music plays a powerful role in a funeral service, with each song being able to reflect the life of the person who has passed away. This blog delves into the role of music in funerals and how it can be used.

Uplifting music can help set a positive tone

Using uplifting music will depend on the tone you wish to set for the service. In many cases, the use of uplifting music can help to encourage the service to be more of a celebration as opposed to a sorrowful day. By implementing uplifting music into the service, friends and family can feel comforted.

Choose the best songs to represent your loved one

It’s essential that you choose songs that would be meaningful to the person who has passed away. This could involve playing their favourite artist, or a song which holds significance to them. Some families opt to play a mix of genres and styles that reflect the diverse interests and personalities of their loved one who has passed away.

When should music be played at the funeral?

As mentioned earlier, there are no set rules for funerals, so music can be played at any time you feel suits. Most religious services will play music during incoming and outgoing processions. For non-religious services, people tend to opt to play music during the procession times.

Many people opt to play funeral songs in the background during the period of reflection or prayer, if you opt to do this you will need to carefully decide the right song for this moment. If you’re planning a slideshow to broadcast then you may want to select a few songs which would suit the theme of the images.

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