Cremation vs. Burial: Making an Informed Choice

Burial Vs cremation services north shore

Death is a natural part of life, though this doesn’t make saying goodbye any easier. When it comes to deciding between burial and cremation for you or a loved one, the decision can seem insurmountable.

We at Rowley Funerals hope to make this choice a little easier through this blog post. We offer professional, compassionate cremation services in North Shore alongside more traditional burials, which enables us to provide an informed perspective on cremation versus burial, below.

The Benefits of Cremation

In simple terms, cremation is the process in which a deceased person is transformed into ashes, through the application of powerful heat in a cremation chamber. There are several reasons why someone may opt for cremation:

  1. It’s affordable – Cremation costs much less than traditional burial, as there is no burial plot, casket or headstone required. The choice of urn can increase or decrease the price.
  2. Keep your loved ones’ remains close – Cremation is a flexible funeral process, where you can keep your loved ones’ remains close – either in an urn or in jewellery form – after the funeral.
  3. It can take place in any location – After the cremation process, you can host a funeral anywhere with your loved ones’ remains. They can be scattered in a sentimental place, or stored safely in the home.
  4. It’s environmentally conscious – Cremation doesn’t involve the use of land or embalming chemicals, so whilst carbon emissions are released during the process, the overall environmental impact is lower.

The Benefits of Burial

  1. A lasting memorial to your loved one – Burial plots can be visited time and time again, a physical and tangible reminder of your loved one. You can leave flowers, tokens or photographs. This is meaningful, and a major reason why people opt for burials over cremations.
  2. New, eco-friendly burial options – New ‘green burials’ make this usually environmentally taxing process much more eco-friendly. Natural burials, without embalming chemicals or extensive land use, are increasingly popular.
  3. Easily personalised to your loved one – For burials, everything from the casket and headstone to the burial plot can be personalised to exact requirements, and therefore adhere to the wishes of your loved one.
  4. It’s more familiar – All in all, burial is a more ‘familiar’ form of funeral than cremation; people are more comfortable with it, and a familiar process can be soothing when mourning a lost loved one.

Which one is best?

There is no right answer to this question. Often, cultural and religious considerations are the key to deciding between a burial and cremation. It’s important to make sure that a funeral aligns with the desires and faith of the deceased. Other factors, such as cost and environmental impact, are more prevalent today than ever before. Professional advice, like from the funeral directors at Rowley Funerals, may be decisive in taking the final step towards the funeral process. We can shed light on local regulations, and available options depending on your circumstances.

For yourself or a loved one, say goodbye in the way you want to, whether that is through cremation services in North Shore or burial. We urge you do so with Rowley Funerals, where we prioritise your choices throughout the funeral process. Reach out to a compassionate member of our team, today.