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We may be a small, intimate funeral home but we can still offer you the complete range of funeral services.


We have a huge variety of traditional and modern eco-friendly caskets in varying styles, shapes, prices and materials.

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Flowers add colour, fragrance and personality to any funeral. You’re very welcome to visit our local floral partner Devonport Flowers directly to make your selections www.devonportflowers.co.nz or, we can do everything for you.

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Urns come in a wide range of different shapes and sizes and are made from a variety of materials. The only thing to keep in mind when choosing is what you plan to do with the ashes as some urns are designed as temporary containers rather than permanent keepsakes.

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On the day of the funeral, we believe the kitchen is the last place you should be. That’s our job. We have a vastly experienced catering team that can effortlessly produce delicious fresh savouries, sandwiches and cakes for your guests.

That leaves you and your family free to mix with friends and guests without rushing about playing host. Even better, once the reception is over, you can simply leave, as we’ll take care of the cleaning up too.

Whether the funeral is to be in our chapel or held at another venue, we can cater for it, no problem. We have different menus for you to choose from, and once you have made a decision, we’ll take care of everything else.

A reception following a funeral service is a great opportunity to carry on sharing memories and celebrate a special life in a relaxed and friendly way.

Service Fees / Lounge Hire

Weekday $550, Saturday $650, Sunday/Public Holiday $800. Based on 3 hours from staff arrival on site. If this time is exceeded, additional charges may be incurred.

At an off-site venue, a food only option is available which includes the menu chosen and a starter pack of beverages. Delivery fee $210

PLEASE NOTE: An additional beverage charge may apply if the number of guests exceeds the number catered for by 10 or more. Additional beverage charge $3 pp

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Printing Multimedia

Our professional Graphic Designers make it easy for you. They’re on hand to create beautiful service sheets, visual tributes, thank you cards, and any other graphic or multimedia resources you might need.

Service Sheets

Service Sheets (Orders of Service) can be a lovely memento to take away from the service. They can show photos or be themed to capture some aspect of the deceased’s life. We’ll work with you to make sure we have all we need to produce them in time for the funeral, but usually we require the original photos at least 24-48 hours before the funeral service.

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Visual Tributes

Visual tributes are now a much-loved part of today’s funerals. This is where a series of photos from a person’s life are set to music and saved to a digital file. The tribute can then be played during the reflection time of the service. This is a powerful way to capture and present different aspects of someone’s life, and it becomes a valued keepsake after the funeral.

We can do this for you. Just select the photos (about 30-40) and the accompanying music and give them to us at least 48 hours before the service.

If you’re going to create your own visual tribute, we’d like to test it on our system at least 24 hours before the service.

Thank You Cards

A thank you card is one way of acknowledging those who have expressed their sympathy, love and support. We can easily take care of this for you. Many of the cards we produce use the photo from the service sheet. We also have verses for you to select from, or you can supply us with your own if you prefer.

Memorial Options

Creating a lasting memorial to a loved one is important to many people. It can serve as a tribute to their life and provide a focus for the thoughts and memories of family and friends. As ‘normal’ life resumes, it can be comforting to have a special place to visit that is dedicated to the person you have lost.

The type of memorial available to you will depend on several factors:

Memorials can be whatever you want them to be, yet need to be carefully considered as they’re going to be in place for a long time. New technology allows you to create a unique design that best reflects your loved one’s life. This can be with graphics, pictures or even colour photographs.

Renovation work and additional inscriptions can also be arranged.

Advanced Planning

How do you want to be remembered? Do you want specific family members to talk about your life? Is there a special piece of music that needs to be played? No matter how you imagine your funeral, we can help make it happen.

Pre-arranging your funeral makes sense for a number of reasons. Aside from ensuring you have a say in what you want for your service, pre-arranging your funeral is also a thoughtful way to ease the emotional burden involved in the decision-making process for your loved ones. It might even give them comfort knowing that they are fulfilling your last wishes.

Planning your funeral in advance can be as simple as having a conversation with those nearest to you and expressing a few thoughts about what you might like to have happen when your time comes, or you might want to sit down with us and document in some detail your plans and preferences.

When planning your funeral in advance, one thing we would suggest you consider is also leaving permission for your family to change your wishes, should the need arise. This might sound counterintuitive, given the reason you plan in advance is so your wishes are known, but we occasionally find family members conflicted between what you wanted and what they’d like to do. This doesn’t mean they have carte blanche to change everything, but does show that you trust those you have left behind to carry out your wishes and at the same time fulfil their personal needs as they face your passing.

Advance planning can also be done as part of pre-paying your funeral.

Pre-paid Funerals

Paying for all or part of a funeral’s expenses in advance is done for many reasons. For some, it’s simply peace of mind. It’s one less thing for the family to worry about. Others just like to be organised or use pre-paid funerals as a legal way of reducing assets for asset testing purposes; such as to qualify for the residential care subsidy.

As well as pre-paying funeral expenses, you may also pre-arrange your funeral. By doing this, you’re able to plan your funeral in advance and record your instructions. This helps ensure that when the time comes, your wishes are known.

At Rowley Funerals, we offer the FDANZ Funeral Trust. This plan is owned and operated by the Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand (FDANZ).

Under the FDANZ Funeral Trust, your money is held in trust until the time of your death. At this time, the amount paid into the Funeral Trust plus any interest accrued, less any fees applicable, is used to pay your funeral expenses. If the balance is insufficient to pay all funeral expenses, then a claim is made against your estate for any outstanding amount. Likewise, any money left over after funeral costs have been met, will be returned to your estate.

Bereavement Support

Rowleys offer after-funeral care and support to help resolve any problems or challenges you face in returning to daily life after the funeral. This support is available to any members of the family and is completely optional.

We can assist in a variety of ways, such as providing an opportunity to talk to a caring support person about your experiences in a safe and relaxed environment, providing reading material or other resources, or offering referrals to other professionals that can help you.

We also work closely with the Grief Centre, a provider of more specialised services such as counselling for loss and grief, support groups and other services. We’ll contact you in due course following the funeral to see what assistance might be required. This is usually a number of weeks after the funeral when our experience tells us contact might be appreciated. However, if you wish to talk to someone sooner, please feel free to contact us.


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