Embracing Sustainability: The Rise of Eco Funerals with Rowley Funerals

eco funerals Rowley Funeral Home

At Rowley Funerals in Devonport, we recognise the growing importance of environmentally friendly choices in funeral services. Eco funerals are not just a trend; they represent a commitment to environmental stewardship even in times of grief.


  • What is an Eco Funeral?: An eco funeral focuses on minimising environmental impact. This involves considering every aspect of the funeral process, from the preparation of the deceased to the final disposition.
  • Sustainable Caskets: We offer a range of caskets made from sustainable materials, produced through environmentally friendly processes. These caskets are not only elegant but also leave a lighter footprint on the Earth.
  • Preparation and Embalming: Eco funerals often involve alternative methods for caring for the deceased. This ranges from full embalming using eco-friendly chemicals to opting for no embalming at all, depending on the family’s preference.
  • Reduced Travel and Venue Choices: Hosting the entire funeral at one location, such as our Anne Street Chapel, significantly reduces travel and carbon emissions. We support families in making these environmentally conscious decisions.
  • Burial or Cremation: Families can choose between traditional burial and cremation. We also offer information on natural burials, a practice that promotes the return of the body to the earth in a natural manner.
  • Personalisation and Respect for Nature: Eco funerals are not only about respecting the environment but also about personalising the farewell in a way that aligns with the deceased’s values and lifestyle.
  • Rowley Funerals’ Commitment: At Rowley Funerals, we are dedicated to providing families with sustainable funeral options. We guide and support families through each step, ensuring choices that reflect both respect for the deceased and the environment.


Choosing an eco funeral with Rowley Funerals, your trusted funeral directors in Devonport, means choosing a farewell that honours your loved one while also honouring the planet. We are here to help you make informed and meaningful choices during this significant time. For more information about eco funeral options visit www.ecofunerals.co.nz