Beautiful Ideas for Memorialising Ashes: Insights from Rowley Funerals, Auckland

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At Rowley Funerals in Devonport Auckland, we assist families in finding meaningful ways to honour their loved ones after cremation. Here are some beautiful ideas for the memorialisation of ashes that offer personal connection and lasting memories.

  • Interment Options: Choosing to bury the ashes in a cemetery or a special location provides a tangible place for remembrance and reflection. In Auckland, serene gardens and dedicated areas in cemeteries offer a respectful and peaceful setting for this purpose.
  • Scattering Ashes: Scattering ashes in a meaningful place, whether it’s a beloved garden, a favourite park, or near the ocean, symbolises a return to nature and the liberation of the spirit. This act can be deeply symbolic and comforting for the bereaved.
  • Keeping Ashes at Home: For some families, keeping the ashes in a beautiful urn at home allows for a continual sense of presence and closeness. Rowley Funerals offers a range of tasteful urns to accommodate various preferences and styles.
  • Ashes into Jewellery or Art: Transforming ashes into jewellery or art pieces is a unique way to keep the memory of a loved one close. These bespoke items serve as a subtle yet poignant reminder of their presence in your life.
  • Planting Trees or Flowers: Using ashes to nurture the growth of a tree or flowers creates a living memorial. This eco-friendly option is a beautiful way to symbolise the continuation of life and a lasting legacy.
  • Memorial Glass: The conversion of ashes into exquisite glass art is an innovative and artistic approach to memorialisation. These stunning pieces of art serve as beautiful, tangible memories of the departed.
  • Memorial Benches or Plaques: Installing a bench or plaque in a meaningful location can offer a place for contemplation and remembrance. These memorials provide a physical space to visit and remember the life and contributions of the loved one.
  • Community Projects: Involvement in community projects or donations in the name of the deceased can be a way to memorialise them while contributing positively to society. This can be particularly meaningful if the project aligns with the interests or values of the departed.

The process of memorialising ashes offers a range of personal and creative options. At Rowley Funerals, your trusted funeral directors in Auckland, we are here to support you in exploring these options and honouring your loved one in a way that truly reflects their essence and your bond with them.