Cremation: The More Affordable and Convenient Option

When choosing between cremation and burial, there are many factors to take into consideration, and it is often a very personal choice with people feeling strongly about both options for various reasons.

As a funeral home that offers cremation services on the North Shore, we can certainly vouch for the many benefits that cremation offers, especially with relation to affordability and convenience.

Many people think of cremation as a relatively new disposition method, with burial always having been the traditional choice. But cremation dates back to as far as 3000 BC and in recent times, more and more people are choosing cremation.

If you are struggling to choose between cremation and burial, you may want to consider the following regarding cremation.

It is More Affordable

Cremation is usually around half the price of burial and is an affordable option for most families in New Zealand. Burials, securing a burial site, and purchasing a headstone can be quite pricey. With funerals encountering a wide range of costs, cremation is one effective way to keep the costs down.

Earth Friendly

As more and more people consider the environmental impact that funerals have, it is good to know that cremation is definitely seen as the more eco-friendly option. Burial requires a lot of chemicals for embalming and requires a significant amount of space in the earth.

To Allow Time for Memorial Arrangements

When you are dealing with a burial, you have a very short time period in which the burial and memorial can take place and this can be very stressful for those organising the funeral. But with cremation, you have more time flexibility when it comes to arranging the memorial and you can wait for a date that is convenient for friends and family. This extra time can be just what you need to ensure that all the funeral arrangements are just right.

At the end of the day choosing between burial and cremation, or any other option, is a very personal choice, and there is no right or wrong way to go about it. 

Have you been looking for cremation services on the North Shore? Get in touch with the caring and understanding team at Rowley Funerals, and we can discuss our cremation and funeral services with you further. We offer a wide range of other services, and would love to help make this difficult time less stressful for you and your family.